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The Cost of Inaction

Building a 21st century transportation network won't happen by itself. We cannot afford the cost of inaction. Maryland's population is growing larger at the same time our roads and bridges are growing older. And yet, our transportation investments have been frozen in time since 1992. And inaction has had a huge cost: some of the worst traffic congestion in America. Together, we're working toward a balanced, fiscally responsible approach that is projected to support 44,000 jobs to generate the revenue we need to ease traffic congestion while building, rebuilding, and repairing our roads, bridges, and mass transit.   If want better results, we must make better choices.

The average daily commute for Marylanders
is now over 32 minutes—the longest in the country.

That’s nearly 9 days a year.

time with family

...Time that keeps you from your family

...Makes you miss your kid’s soccer games

...And limits your opportunities

Washington DC is worst in the nation for traffic congestion. Driving on roads that are congested, deteriorated or unsafe costs the average DC commuter 67 hours of lost time, 32 gallons of wasted gas and $2,195 out-of-pocket each year.

The Baltimore metro region is among the Top Ten worst large cities for traffic congestion. Driving on roads that are congested, deteriorated or unsafe costs the average Baltimore commuter 41 hours of lost time, 19 gallons of wasted gas, and $1,781 out-of-pocket each year.

7% of Maryland's bridges are structurally deficient. 18% are functionally obsolete.

So how do we pay for these repairs?

funding plan

We have a choice:

We can continue to watch our transportation problems grow or we can make better choices.

The Cost of Inaction


Do we want to lose more time and money idling in standstill traffic because we failed to invest in a modern network of roads and transit systems?

Do we want our businesses to leave Maryland for other states with better, more reliable transit ways?  

Do we want to keep pushing the bill to our kids?

Do we want to worry that our roads, bridges, tunnels and transitways aren’t safe enough?

sad child

Better Choices for Better Results

traffic signal

Do we want less traffic and more time with our families?

Do we want a reliable, safe transportation system for our kids?

Do we want to retain and attract more businesses to Maryland?




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