Update to Marylandís Strategic Goals
and Objectives for Homeland Security

In the four years since Maryland released its Strategic Goals and Objectives for Homeland Security, countless government agencies and private companies throughout our nation have been victim to cyber crimes or harmful incidents that resulted in the theft of confidential information, service disruptions, and other losses.

Some of these losses were caused by intentional actors -- hackers, criminal groups, foreign state actors, or terrorists stealing information or attempting to disrupt service delivery. But more often cyber incidents are a result of unintentional actions that leave computer or information networks vulnerable: personnel who open suspicious emails or access dangerous websites, misplace devices that contain personally identifiable information, or fail to update anti-virus software.

Whatever their origins, cyber attacks and incidents pose significant threats to the safety and security of every community in our State. To ensure that we better develop the capabilities needed to protect our information networks, reduce the risk of economic losses or disruptions in service, and stop a cyber attack against State assets once itís been detected, we have updated Marylandís Strategic Goals and Objectives for Homeland Security to include cyber security. The revised Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection goal (previously called Vulnerability Assessments) focuses on the following outcomes:

  • Collecting data on cyber attacks and incidents to better understand the Stateís risks and vulnerabilities.
  • Coordinating state agency network protection plans so that each agency meets a minimum protection standard.
  • Training state agency Chief Information Officers to better secure their networks and training the Stateís workforce to improve handling of confidential or sensitive information.
  • Sharing alerts and threat information with trusted private sector partners.
  • Developing a cyber incident response plan to coordinate federal, state, local, and private sector activities and manage the risks associated with an attack on a critical information system within the State or a malfunction.

To view the complete text of Maryland Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection Goal, click here.