Reducing Domestic Violence

Lt. Governor Brown testifies on domestic violence legislation

New Legislation Introduced to Expand Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence

During the 2014 Legislative Session, Lt. Governor Brown will lead the Administration's efforts to enact three pieces of legislation that strengthen protections for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Peace Orders and Protective Orders – Burden of Proof would modify the standard of proof when a victim seeks to obtain a final peace order or a final protective order from “clear and convincing evidence” to “a preponderance of the evidence.”

Domestic Violence Permanent Final Protective Orders seeks to add second degree assault to the list of crimes for which a person can obtain a permanent final protective order and would require that an abuser only be sentenced to at least 5 years in prison, as opposed to serving at least 5 years, before the victim can obtain a permanent final protective order.

Crimes Committed in the Presence of a Minor would give courts the ability to impose an enhanced penalty of up to 5 years - in addition to any other imposed sentence - for crimes of violence that are both domestically related and committed in the presence of a minor.

"End the Abuse" - click here to read the Baltimore Sun's editorial on the Administration's domestic violence legislative package.


  • Reduced the number of women and children killed as a result of domestic violence by 32% since 2006
  • Decreased domestic assaults by 20% since 2006
  • Launched eight hospital-based domestic violence programs across Maryland
  • Championed legislation to make child neglect a criminal act in Maryland

Help us end domestic violence in Maryland. Visit the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence.

This fall, Lt. Governor Brown joined Howard County Executive Ulman to announce the creation of MD's eighth hospital-based domestic violence program, located at Howard County General Hospital.

Lt. Governor tours emergency department at Howard County General Hospital

The program, a partnership with the Domestic Violence Center of Howard County, will include specialized training and screening tools for hospital staff and improved patient follow-up and tracking.

Read more on the program here.

“If we can save one, two, three Marylanders from losing their life at the hands of a domestic abuser… we've done a good thing." –Lt. Governor Brown