Power Service Interruption In Two or Three Storms

Every power outage has societal costs. Moreover, the more customers and systems that experience an outage simultaneously, the more societal costs grow. With this in mind, the task force set out to take a deeper look at three relatively recent major storms:

  • Snowmageddon Double Blizzard (2/2/2010 - 2/12/2010)
  • Hurricane Irene (8/27/2011 - 9/6/2011)
  • Derecho (6/29/2012 - 7/8/2012)

Three Maryland utilities, Pepco, BG&E and Potomac Edison, voluntarily gathered and provided data on the three events. Each utility provided data on how various components of their systems were affected by each storm. Potomac Edison was not hit as hard by Snowmageddon or Hurricane Irene and therefore was not including in the mapping analysis. The map shows the approximate service territories of lines and substations that went out of service during at least two of the three storms.

Pull down on “Layers” to see legislative districts and municipal boundaries. 


NOTE: To protect critical infrastructure the map does not allow viewing of outage areas when zoomed in closer than 1:40,000."