2007 Press Releases by Governor Martin O'Malley

Governor Martin O'Malley's Press Releases
date for immediate release
June 27 Governor O'Malley Delivers Address to Maryland Municipal League
June 25 Governor O’Malley Fast Tracks $2 Million to Continue Broadband from Salisbury to Bay Bridge
June 25 Governor O'Malley Proclaims Salisbury Maryland's "Capital for a Day"
June 13 Governor O'Malley Swears in Sheridan as Secretary of Maryland State Police
June 13 Governor O'Malley Awards Citations to Maryland's Presidential Scholars
June 13 Governor O'Malley Creates Homeownership Preservation Task Force
June 7 Governor O'Malley Announces Increased Funding for Energy Assistance
June 6 G-O-FEE Flip Flops on MVA Fees
June 5 Governor O'Malley Announces New Head of the Maryland Energy Administration
May 31 Governor O'Malley Announces New Secretary of Maryland State Police
May 30 Governor and Lt. Governor Hold First BRAC Subcabinet Meeting
May 29 Statement from Governor Martin O'Malley on the Passing of Congressman Parren J. Mitchell
May 25 Governor O'Malley Appoints Members to County Boards of Education
May 25 Governor O'Malley Appoints Two New Members to Baltimore County Board of Education
May 23 Statement from Governor O'Malley's Office on Today's Public Service Commission Ruling
May 23 Governor O'Malley Calls for National, Bi-Partisan Inquiry Into Gasoline Prices.
May 17 Governor O'Malley Vetoes Three Bills
May 16 Governor O'Malley Announces 50% Cut to Governor's Office Fleet
May 16 Governor O'Malley Swears in Cabinet Secretaries
May 15 Governor O'Malley Vetoes, Decides not to Sign Two Bills
May 15 Governor O'Malley Issues Executive Order to Prohibit Discrimination in State Hiring
May 10 Governor Directs Cabinet to Make $200 Million in Cuts
May 8 Governor O'Malley Signs Legislation to Protect Maryland Families
May 7 Governor O'Malley Announces New Secretary of Veterans Affairs
May 3 O'Malley Speaks to Students About Affordable Higher Education
May 3 Governor O'Malley Announces New Special Secretary of Minority Affairs
April 30 O'Malley, Board of Public Works Set Tax Rate; Hold the Line on Property Taxes
April 30 O'Malley Visits Montgomery County Schools Headquarters; Attends M-Stat Session
April 27 Governor O'Malley Establishes Judicial Nominating Commissions
April 25 O'Malley Tours Bay Monitoring Sites, Studies Restoration Programs
April 24 Governor Martin O’Malley Signs Legislation to Protect Maryland's Environment; Chesapeake Bay
April 20 Governor Martin O’Malley Signs Greenhouse Gas Agreement, Climate Change Executive Order
April 19 Governor Martin O’Malley Announces Funding for Agriculture and Cover Crops
April 18 Governor Martin O’Malley to Tour Maryland
April 18 Governor Martin O’Malley Announces the Preservation of Blackwater Land
April 11 Governor O’Malley Tours Green School in Montgomery County.
April 10 Governor O’Malley Signs Legislation to Make Government Work Again
April 9 Governor O'Malley Congratulates General Assembly on Successful Session
March 27 Governor O’Malley Swears in Public Service Commission Members
March 27 Governor O’Malley Nominates Maryland State Board of Education Members
March 22 Governor O’Malley Signs Ground Rent Legislation
March 19 Governor O’Malley Shuts Down House of Correction
March 15 Governor O’Malley Swears In Cabinet Secretaries
March 15 Governor O’Malley Nominates Judge Brenner to Maryland's Public Service Commission
March 14 Governor O’Malley Announces the Nomination of Key Leader in the Maryland Environmental Service
March 14 Governor O’Malley Outlines State's FY 2008 Priorities for Federal Delegation
March 8 Governor O’Malley Introduces Supplemental Budget
March 6 Governor O'Malley Swears in Cabinet Secretaries
March 2 Maryland Senate and House of Delegates Pass BRAC Subcabinet Legislation
February 28 Governor O'Malley Rededicates Historic Martin Luther King, Jr. Plaque and Tree
February 22 O'Malley / Brown Administration Releases Transition Report
February 16 Governor O'Malley Announces Nominees for Maryland's Public Service Commission
February 16 Governor Martin O'Malley Submits "Green Bag" Appointments to Maryland Senate
February 15 Statement on Walter Sondheim, Jr.
February 14 Governor O'Malley Announces Plans to Host 2007 Bay Bridge Walk
February 11 Governor O'Malley Visits Maryland Correctional Training Center in Hagerstown
February 8 Governor O'Malley Announces Appointment of Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown to the East Baltimore Development, Inc. Board of Directors
February 7 Governor O'Malley, State of Maryland, Urges FERC to Deny Sparrow's Point LNG Project
February 7 Governor O'Malley Announces Nominees for Department of Business and Economic Development, Juvenile Justice, Aging, and General Services
February 6 Governor O'Malley Announces Transportation Veteran To Lead The Maryland Transportation Authority
January 30 Governor O'Malley Announces Nominees for Maryland Department of Disabilites, Human Resources, Housing
January 30 O'Malley FY 2008 Budget Good for Maryland Agriculture
January 24 Statement by Governor Martin O'Malley
January 23 Governor O'Malley Nominates Secretaries For Maryland Higher Education Commission, DLLR
January 22 O'Malley Introduces 2007 Legislative Agenda
January 22 Governor O'Malley Chooses Secretary For Department Of Public Safety And Corrections
January 18 O'Malley Introduces Fy '08 Budget Record Funding For Education Only 2.5 % Total Growth Lower Rate Of Growth Than 9 Of 10 Last Budgets
January 16 Governor-Elect O'Malley Nominates Secretaries For Planning, Natural Resources


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