Governor Martin O'Malley Delivers Keynote Address Before Federal Conference on Interactive Technology


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WASHINGTON, DC (February 18, 2009) – Governor Martin O’Malley delivered the keynote address today before the ESRI Federal User Conference.  The Conference, sponsored by ESRI, a market leader in geographic information systems (GIS), highlights technology utilized by the O’Malley-Brown Administration to provide citizens with transparency and statistical measures of government.  Governor O’Malley’s remarks focused on the efforts, originally launched citywide in Baltimore and later adapted and expanded to statewide application that brought about an unprecedented level of transparency and accountability to government services and results.

“As we assemble here this afternoon, our country and our world are facing very serious challenges,” noted Governor O’Malley in his remarks.  “Yet, we are able to face these challenges from our own cutting edge of history – a time in human existence when our own creativity and imagination have expanded the outer bounds of achievement and potential as never before, and by exponents never imagined.”

Maryland’s innovative application of GIS technology is called MD iMap, the first-of-its-kind live, interactive system that provides government service information for Maryland citizens.  Maryland’s GreenPrint initiative, which allows citizens to examine land conservation efforts statewide down to the parcel level, was launched using MD iMap technology.  Public safety, infrastructure, and other public project information will soon be added to the interactive system.

gov speaking "In a relative instant of human development, we have taken the vastness of this planet and made it intimately finite for the first time in human consciousness,” Governor O’Malley said.  “In two years, we’ve protected five times the amount of acreage as was protected by our predecessors in the comparable period.  We’re using information from Maryland’s GreenPrint to guide us in our investments of precious and scarce Open Space dollars in much the same way we used mapping to guide decision-making in other areas of government service.”

GreenPrint is the first GIS-based performance measurement application that is accessible via MD iMap. It is a planning tool designed to help government staff, conservation organizations, and individual citizens make good decisions about land conservation and growth. The state's other performance measurement applications, including StateStat and BayStat, will be added soon to the MD iMap function.

“Governor O'Malley's vision of one Maryland, one map, speaks to the best in government including accountability, unity, and service to citizens,” said ESRI president Jack Dangermond. “It is also an outstanding example of a public and private partnership driving government forward.”


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