Governor, First Lady O'Malley Host Third Annual "Buy Local" Cookout

Governor kicks-off "Buy Local Week," July 17-25


Governor and First Lady tasting food at the Buy Local BBQANNAPOLIS, MD (July 15, 2010) – Governor Martin O’Malley, joined by First Lady Katie O’Malley and Lt. Governor Anthony Brown, today hosted the third annual “Buy Local” cookout and officially kicked-off Maryland’s “Buy Local Challenge” week, which encourages Marylanders to incorporate at least one locally-grown, produced or harvested product into their meals each day.  They also announced Christine Bergmark as the recipient of this year’s Smart Green and Growing Buy Local Agricultural Challenge Award. Dr. Bergmark is director of the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission and the initiator of the Buy Local Challenge Week four years ago.

Governor O’Malley has designated July 17-25, 2010, as “Buy Local Challenge Week” in Maryland to raise awareness about the benefits of local farms and food so that the use of fresh, local products among consumers becomes more familiar and more frequent.  The cookout featured recipes from 17 teams of local producers and chefs from across the State showcasing the diversity of local products available in Maryland. 

“Governor O’Malley and I challenge all Maryland residents, institutions and organizations to expand their purchases of locally grown products for their favorite dishes and to try some new ones,” said First Lady Katie O’Malley.  “Buying locally is a key to ensuring a smart, green and growing future for Maryland families. It preserves farmland, protects the environment, keeps our money in Maryland, and provides fresh, nutritious food for a healthy diet. Governor O’Malley and I are committed to the success of our agricultural industry and are delighted to host this cookout to make Marylanders aware of the bounty they grow for us to eat.”

For this year’s Buy Local Cookout, 18 teams of local producers and chefs were selected to showcase the diversity of local products available in Maryland for farmers; food buyers from groceries, restaurants and institutions; chefs; and “buy local” advocates on the front lawn of the Government House in Annapolis.  The recipes were submitted by chef/producer teams and selected for their creativity, availability of ingredients, geographic representation, and maximum use of local ingredients.  Government House chefs also prepared a few favorites recipes of theirs and the O’Malley family featuring local products, including Blue Cheese Coleslaw and Maryland Maple Mousse.

“Including local, seasonal foods in our meals is easier than ever and buying local food helps our farmers, our environment, economy, and the health of our families,” said Agriculture Secretary Buddy Hance. “Today, there are more than 110 farmers’ markets in Maryland. Community Supported Agriculture farms are thriving and grocery stores are tapping into the demand for local farm and seafood products while saving transportation costs to bring the most nutritious, great-tasting food to our plates.  The number of pick-your-own operations, roadside farm stands, and on-farm markets is growing too.”

In addition to the selected chefs and producers, Roseda Beef, Chapel’s Country Creamery, Steyer Family Farm, Honest Tea, Kilby Cream Ice Cream, Maryland Wineries Association, and Willow Oak Flower and Herb Farm donated their products for the cook out.

Attendees at the Buy Local BBQ tasting foodThe Challenge, created in 2006 by the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission, has grown since into a statewide initiative.  This year, Governor Martin O’Malley invited teams of a chef and one or more farmer, waterman or producer to submit recipes featuring locally grown, raised or harvested ingredients.  Nearly 40 recipes were submitted in the categories of appetizers, side dishes or salads, main dishes, desserts, beverages and table decorations (centerpieces).  All 40 recipe submissions, along with a few O’Malley family favorites are available online at:  The Maryland Wineries Association recommended wine pairings for each recipe.

The cookbook is being published by Apprentice House, which is the country’s only campus-based, student-staffed book publishing company. Directed by professors and industry professionals, it is a non-profit activity of the Communication Department at Loyola Univeristy Maryland. Using state-of-the-art technology and an experiential learning model of education, Apprentice House publishes books in untraditional ways.  This dual responsibility as publishers and educators creates an unprecedented collaborative environment among faculty and students, while teaching tomorrow’s editors, designers, and marketers.

At this year’s cookout, Governor O’Malley presented Christine Bergmark with the Smart, Green and Growing Buy Local Agricultural Challenge Award. Dr. Bergmark started the Buy Local Challenge in 2006 as the executive director of the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission (SMADC). The challenge immediately spread from Southern Maryland throughout the entire state, bringing attention to the Buy Local movement and encouraging consumers all across Maryland to incorporate local products into their daily meals. Dr. Bergmark also developed the So. Maryland, So Good campaign which used product branding for local products to encourage consumers to patronize regional farms and Farmers’ Markets. In addition to her work with SMADC, Ms. Bergmark is the owner and co-manager of the 104-acre Even’ Star Organic Farm, LLC. with husband Brett Grohsgal.

In its 2009 Policy Choices Survey, the University of Baltimore Schaefer Center for Public Policy found that 77 percent of Marylanders want to buy produce that is identified as having been grown by a Maryland farmer. 

To find local products, locate a farmers market and to learn more about Maryland’s Buy Local Week Challenge, visit  Sources of local seafood can be found at

Agriculture Secretary Buddy Hance will make a series of visits during Buy Local Week to highlight the diversity of products and places to buy local food in Maryland, including farmers’ markets, community supported agriculture farms, county fairs, wineries, and grocery stores.

Featured Recipes – 2010 Buy Local Challenge Week Cookout

Appetizer:  Summer Ripe Gazpacho
Chef: Craig Sewell - A Cook’s Café (Anne Arundel County)
Producers: Sharon and David Lankford - Davon Crest II Farm, vegetables (Talbot County)

Appetizer:  Black Currant and Onion Conserve
Chef:  Susan Callahan - University of Maryland Eastern Shore (Somerset County)
Producer:  Andrea Cedro - Firefly Farms Organic, Inc., goat cheese (Garrett County)
Producer: Cladia Nami - Dragonfly Farms,  black merlot vinegar, currants (Frederick County)
Producer: Jeanna Dietz-Band - Many Rocks Farm, goat sausage (Washington County)

Appetizer:  Red Wine, Caramelized Onion, and Goat Cheese Crostini
Chef:  Margy O’Herron - (Montgomery County)
Producers:  Sarah O’Herron and Ed Boyce - Black Ankle Vineyards, 2006 Crumbling Rock (Carroll County)
Producer: Beckie Gurley - Calvert’s Gift Farm, sweet onions, garlic, thyme (Baltimore County)
Producer:  Tracy Kirkman - Cherry Glen Farm, Cherry Glen Chevre Cheese (Montgomery County)
Producers: Randy and Karen Sowers - South Mountain Creamery, unsalted butter (Frederick County)

Appetizer:  Rosemary Lollipop of Maryland Beef, Onion Spaghetti, Smoky Heirloom Tomato Confit, and Spicy Micro-Greens Melange
Chef: Raphael Jurkovic - Tapenade Catering (Anne Arundel County)
Producer:  Allen Colhoun - Ivy Neck Farm, ground beef (Anne Arundel County)
Producer: Sara Colhoun - Ivy Brand Organic Farm, rosemary, thyme, spicy micro-greens (Anne Arundel County)
Producer: Shawn Sizer - The Sizer Farmstand, heirloom tomatoes, onions, garlic (Anne Arundel County)

Appetizer:  Watermelon and Feta Bruschetta
Chef: Chad Gauss - City Café (Baltimore City)
Producer:  Ian Seletzky - Richfield Farm, watermelon, heirloom tomatoes, onion, cucumber, jalepeno (Carroll County)

Appetizer:  Smoked Bluefish Spread
Chef: Laura Causey - Charter boat mate (Southern Maryland)
Producer:  Fresh bluefish caught off Maryland charter boat

Salad:  Buffalo Oysters with Baby Arugula Three Tomato Salad, Blue Cheese Dressing
Chef:  Daniel Pochron - Mason’s (Talbot County)
Producers:  David and Sharon Lankford, John and Alex Hochmuth - Davon Crest II, baby arugula, tomatoes (Talbot County)
Producer:  Harris Seafood, oysters (Queen Anne’s County)

Salad:  A Study of Summer: Maryland Corn, Crab, and Tomato Salad
Chef:  Jerry Edwards - Chef’s Expressions (Baltimore County)
Producer:  Conrad’s Seafood, jumbo lump blue crab (Baltimore County)
Producer: Richfield Farm, silver king corn, heirloom tomatoes (Carroll County)
Producer: Chesapeake Greenhouse, basil (Queen Anne’s County)
Producer: Dragonfly Farms, Dragonfly wine vinegar (Frederick County)

Side Dish:  Hearty Garden Pasta Salad
Chef:  Anthony Geraci - Baltimore City Public Schools (Baltimore City)
Producer:  Great Kids Farm (Baltimore City)

Main Dish:  Caroline Pit Chicken
Chef:  Alfredo Malinis, Jr. - Level Small Plates Lounge (Anne Arundel County)
Producer:  John Wang - Triple J Farm, eggs, free range chickens (Caroline County)
Producer:  David Liker - Gorman Produce Farm, garlic, onion, scallion, herbs (Howard County)

Main Dish:  Blackened Summer Flounder (Fluke) with Braised Collards and a Cool Maryland Cantaloupe Sauce
Chef:  Bryan Bernstein - Saval Foodservice (Howard County)
Producer:  Jim Schillinger - Schillinger's Farm Inc. (Papa John's), cantaloupe, collards, onions (Anne Arundel County)
Producer: Ricky Fitzhugh - Terrapin Fish Company, fluke (Dorchester County)

Main Dish:  Line Caught Maryland Rockfish à la Bouillabaisse Sauce
Chef:  John Walsh Jr. - Chef’s Expressions (Baltimore County)
Producer:  Conrad’s Seafood, Maryland rockfish (Baltimore County)
Producer:  Richfield Farm, tomatoes (Carroll County)
Producer: Joan Norman - One Straw Farms, onions (Baltimore County)

Main Dish:  Washington County Head Buttin’ Goat Chili featuring Eye of Goat Beans
Chef:  Natoma “Cookie” Vargason - Cookie’s Cooking Company (Washington County)
Producer:  Jeanne Dietz-Band - Many Rocks Farm, ground goat meat (Washington County)
Producer:  Alice Orzechowski - Caprikorn Farms, cheese (Washington County)
Producer: Danny Rohrer - DaKaRoh Farm, tomatoes and peppers (Washington County)

Dessert:  Baltimore-style Peach Cake with Homemade South Mountain Creamery Sour Cream Ice Cream
Chef:  John Shields - Gertrude’s (Baltimore City)
Producers:  Dave Hochheimer and Emily Zaas - Black Rock Orchard, peaches (Carroll County)
Producer:  Randy and Karen Sowers - South Mountain Creamery, sour cream (Frederick County)

Dessert:  Grilled White Peach with Blueberry Honey Mascarpone, Granola, and Salted Caramel
Chef:  Robbie Jester - Harbor House Restaurant (Kent County)
Producer:  Wayne Lockwood - Lockbriar Farms, white peaches, blueberry honey (Kent County)

Beverage:  Cygnus Royale Blanc de Blanc Brut Sparkling Wine
Producer:  Ray Brasfield - Cygnus Wine Cellars and Brasfield Family Vineyard (Carroll County)

Centerpiece:  Glow Lamp with Pressed and Dried Flowers
Artist: Melissa Jenkins (Calvert County)
Producer: Linda’s Plant and Produce, flowers, greenery (Calvert County)

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