Statement from Governor Martin O'Malley on New Jersey Governor Christie's Decision to Withdraw from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Annapolis, MD (May 26, 2011) – Governor Martin O’Malley issued the following statement today regarding New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie’s announcement that New Jersey will withdraw from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI):


“I am disappointed in Governor Christie’s decision to withdraw from RGGI and I reject his assertion that the initiative is ineffective in reducing greenhouse gases.  RGGI represents an important multi-state effort to address climate change at a time when consensus eludes Congress. 

“We are in a fight for our children’s future.  And in this fight some states will win and some states will lose.  For Maryland to be a winner in this new economy, we must move forward – not back – by creating and saving jobs through innovation, while improving public safety, public education, and our quality of life.”

“Governor Christie is simply wrong when he claims that these efforts are a failure.  Here in Maryland, RGGI has avoided dangerous carbon dioxide emissions in Maryland equivalent to taking nearly 3,500 cars off the road.  Through last year, we’ve raised $162.4 million in RGGI proceeds – funds that have been used for programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”


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