Governor's Economic Update: November 24, 2009


Hi, I’m governor Martin O’Malley and we’re here at the Seagirt Terminal at the Port of Baltimore for this week’s economic update.

As you may have heard, we’re starting to see positive signs throughout our country that the national economy is finally starting to turn around. Here in Maryland, because of the tough choices we’ve made together these past three years, we continue to be in stronger position than other states, indeed there is not a stronger ship among the 50 in this fleet than Maryland's.

Our great challenge – and our great opportunity – is to make the connections which create jobs, fuel innovation, and drive progress.

Last week, at this very port, we had the opportunity to create one of these strong connections when we entered an agreement with Ports America to operate this terminal for the next 50 years.  This means the construction of a 50 foot berth and the addition of over 5,700 jobs for the area. The partnership will result in increased business opportunities and larger shops that will be able to dock at the port, raising the profile of the port of Baltimore to even more shipping clients.

Speaking of ships, we also learned this week that Chesapeake shipbuilding, a Maryland-based firm, will add up to 125 new jobs and expand its property along the Wicomico river.  The company has been a Salisbury institution for more than 30 years, and we couldn’t be more proud that they are expanding.their footprint on the eastern shore and hiring more Marylanders to occupy its facility.

And finally, electronics retailer HHgreg, inc. just signed a lease to occupy an abandoned circuit city distribution center in southeastern prince george’s county, bringing 100 jobs to the 400,000 sq. ft. facility, and plans to aggressively expand in the regions, including opening up to 45 new stores throughout the region.

Even though we are facing tough times, we’ve achieved remarkable progress by working together to advance the common good. And here in Maryland, we are starting to turn the corner from recovery to prosperity.  Thanks very much.


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